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Corrugated pipe culvert

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effect of different corrugated culvert, on its service life

Time£º2015-09-02 15:45
¡¡¡¡Corrugated culvert life is used in working conditions, can guarantee the normal work of the shortest deadlines or number of cycles. Made of corrugated culvert elastic sealing system, often working at varying load to bear more cycle times and larger displacement, so determining the service life of the corrugated pipe culvert, has important significance. Because the corrugated culvert different role, its service life requirements are not the same. Corrugated culvert work in a compressed state allowed when the compression displacement than work under tension tension displacement is allowed to be big, so in the design of corrugated culvert pipe should be as far as possible let corrugated culvert work under compression. Experiments found that, in general, a corrugated culvert pipe with same material, the same specification, which allows the compression displacement is 1.5 times the tensile displacement allowed. For work in a corrugated culvert compression state, its maximum compression displacement is: corrugated culvert pipe under pressure, compression to the maximum displacement corrugated between contact with each other can produce value, also known as the structure allows the maximum displacement, it is equal to the free length and the maximum compression corrugated culvert length difference.
¡¡¡¡(1) corrugated culvert is used to compensate the pipeline system for the position deviation caused by the installation of the service life requirements, only a few times is enough.
¡¡¡¡(2) corrugated culvert for constant temperature controller switch frequency higher, its life to reach 10000 times to meet the use requirements.
¡¡¡¡(3) a corrugated culvert for vacuum switch as a vacuum seal, its life to reach 30000 times in order to guarantee the normal work.