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Corrugated pipe culvert

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requirements of corrugated steel culvert construction[ 2015-09-04 ]
The corrugated steel culvert construction should be chosen in the warm season, because of steel corrugated pipe culvert materials are metal, the pipe joint purchase and connecting bolts are required a
key points of designing corrugated metal culvert structure[ 2015-09-04 ]
Metal corrugated pipe culvert is also called corrugated culvert, refers to the screw corrugated paved in highway, railway culvert pipe used for, it is corrugated by corrugated metal plate rolls are ma
manufacturing process the corrugated metal pipe[ 2015-09-04 ]
In the farm field irrigation, mining, oil depot, pumping sand, sand blasting, food, medical drugs and indoor gas, dust emission face, reference is widely used. The production process of welding corrug
Design and calculation method of metal corrugated pipe[ 2015-09-02 ]
Metal corrugated pipe design theory basis is the theory of plates and shells, the material mechanics, computing mathematics. Many parameters bellows design, because the use of corrugated pipe in the s
Corrugated pipe culvert usage and classification[ 2015-09-02 ]
A, corrugated pipe culvert, steel corrugated culvert pipe, corrugated metal culvert pipe, which is composed of a corrugated metal plate roll press round or circular corrugated steel sheet into a semic
Performance of corrugated steel culvert[ 2015-09-02 ]
The corrugated steel pipe culvert in analysis of large strain analysis and small strain results is very close, and anti open groove backfilling construction technology proposed boundary condition meth
culvert construction notices[ 2015-09-02 ]
The following for you to introduce corrugated 5 former culvert culvert construction matters needing attention: 1, culvert construction before, prepare related materials, equipment and personnel to ent
effect of different corrugated culvert, on its service life[ 2015-09-02 ]
Corrugated culvert life is used in working conditions, can guarantee the normal work of the shortest deadlines or number of cycles. Made of corrugated culvert elastic sealing system, often working at
corrugated steel pipe is widely used throughout the world[ 2015-09-02 ]
Steel corrugated pipe (Han) is also called metal corrugated pipe culvert, corrugated metal culvert pipe, steel corrugated plate channel, metal corrugated plate channel, corrugated pipe, by the ordinar
installation of corrugated steel pipe[ 2015-09-02 ]
According to the actual situation of discharge culvert things, corrugated culvert. If a water inlet culvert sides of subgrade slope with the same oblique way, when you first install install halfway up