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GTC-65 type SNS active protective screening

¡¡¡¡GTC-65 type SNS active protective screening      net type: SO/3.0/65
¡¡¡¡Main protection function: slope reinforcement, restrain collapse and weathering flake and rock slip. Limit the area of part or small amount rockfall movement. Select to use when there is small rockfall or soil slope. Anti-corrosion longevity reaches 100 years,but the strengthening capability is only 70% to 80%, it’s unfit for volume larger than 1 cubic meter cliff stone.
¡¡¡¡GTC-65A TECCO is made from high strength anti-corrosion steel wire, rhombus mesh inscribed circle diameter is 65mm, net standard specification is 3.5*10/20/30; anchor stock: dia22/25/28 reinforced steel bar, one end with thread. Anchor bearing plate: rhombus steel plate, each corner with a hook, the size is not less than 350*170mm, thickness not less than 8mm, changeable or simplify structure when needed. Border rope use dia12 or dia16 galvanized steel rope, joint length should less than 40m, each end equip with two dia16 length 2-3m wire rope anchor stock.

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